WiFi-Tracker 1.3

Rata PenuhHotspot at this time are available in many public places, in office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, airports, cafes, and in places other strategic. Use of a hotspot that is paid by buying a kind of voucher, but there is also a free

Making hotspot done, in order to anticipate the level of mobility of internet users which is very high. To monitor hotspot and find the point where you are, you can mengguakan WiFi-Tracker desktop through Widget.

This application allows you to see the WiFi network signals. WiFi-Tracker can point to inform the network on which you are connected, with the display signal strength in percentage, and graf.

When you are having difficulties encari location where the hotspot, then you can see the locations in Indonesia and the world, through the directory WiFi-Tracker. Get a free account with WiFi-Tracker.com, and use the widget to display a WiFi connection status on the website or blog.