Homemade wireless antenna, cantenna, omnin, corner 2.4 ghz

This is a wireless antenna that you can make at home with simple equipment, the antenna is work on freq 2.4 GHz and most popular in the world. not need special expertise to design this antenna, very easy and cheap :

1. BiQuad Feed for Offset Dish at 2.4 GHz WiFi

Download Tutorial PDF files

2. Antenna Helical 2,4 Ghz.

here is you can download manual ebook how to build this antenna :
>>> Download Design antenna helical.pdf
>>> Download Design antenna helical 2,4Ghz.pdf

3. Antenna Biquad 2,4 Ghz

Download files here :
->> Download biquad.pdf
->> Download biquad 2,4 ghz. pdf

4. Corner reflector antena 2,4 Ghz
Try build this antenna, it's easy and cheap :
>>> Download corner antenna.zip

5. Amos sectoral antenna 2.4ghz

most of his work is in Serbian, but we have corresponded in English. He and I differ a little about he dimensions of his AMOS antenna. When I build the antenna as he describes, it usually has best VSWR below the Wifi band, so I shortened it a little.This antenna is suitable for use in Computer Radio LANs conforming to the IEEE 802.11b/g standard – better known as Wifi. It can be used on an Access Point (or wireless Router) or Wifi client with equal benefits.

The antenna is a centre-fed broadside array antenna, This is the complete design in Serbian as published by YU1AW: Amos.zip (3,7MB),

6. Cantenna 2.4ghz wireless antenna
This is most popular antenna, the material is esay to find in your home :
link budget cantenna.pdf
How to build cantenna .pdf