view the functions of the Internet

Internet was out of education and research institutions in the United States. Use of Internet for the benefit of the new business is done since the year 1995, not even six (6) years ago. Abroad, the Internet is often associated with universities, while in Indonesia, more associated with the Internet business (ISP, e-commerce) and entertainment. This paper describes the benefits looking for Internet functions or for education, especially education in Indonesia. Internet Benefits For Education Somewhat awkward for the author to write down the benefits of the Internet for education.

However, to clarify the author will briefly cover the benefits of Internet for education. Access to information sources. Before the Internet, the main problem faced by the education (in the world) is the access to information sources. Library of conventional sources of information that is unfortunately not cheap. Books and journal should be purchased with the price expensive. Good management is also not easy. So consequently many places at various locations in the world (including in the Western world) that does not have a complete library. Having the Internet allows access to information sources that are available lots.

In other words, the problem of access should not be a problem again. Internet can be considered as a source of information which is very large. Any field that you are interested, must have information on the Internet. Examples of sources of information available online, including: Library Online Journal Online courses. MIT opened all course materials on the Internet. In Indonesia, the problem of scarcity of conventional sources of information (the library) more weight compared with other places.