Blackberry issue

some of the advantages of the Blackberry:
  • Send email and receive an email as much as possible with a price.
  • Sending email as easy to send and receive sms, and does not need any additional costs.
  • Email is more formal for the people who have business, so that the mail - The more easily and reliably.
  • can doing light internet browsing, not for the website can be too heavy.
  • Can receive help with RSS software Vigo.
  • Message can do with the various media both YM, Gtalk, Blackberry Messengger.
  • Chatting with colleagues or friends who are abroad or wherever, and with free realtime. and results live talk can be sent via email if it related to the business or the lain2.
  • For individual subscribers to its package called BIS, the price is quite affordable ranging from 150-200 rb / bln
  • Plans that have been supporting Indosat (Matrix, Mentari), XL (post-pay), Q-Cells (Hello, sympathy)
  • Can be used as GPS.
  • 1Technology has been supported wifi = so that if we travel abroad to receive an email and send email through a free hot-spot (roaming Muahal bok)
  • We can follow the mailing lists that we love . Ashobby, so we can meet with people who have the same hobby with us.
  • Phone function, and the organizer as well with classmates nokia smartphone or WM6
  • And often when we receive the email, and for this we must open the laptop, connect the network used only for answers to know from business partners or the other, this can easy because, once the server received directly in the push in the unit with a delay krg about 20 minutes depending on the network.
  • Then, if we send sms 160 characters only limited email if characters like 1000 or 5000 characters and is not free to pay more.
  • Have a blackberry like the world has its own, plus it is we do not disrupt those around us, a more negative environment cuek with us hehehe.
  • Dan only using the new blackberry device you can get all of these benefits, because when using the HP brand and blackberry connect does not use all the functions can be run.