long range usb wifi antenna

Homebrew outdoor antenna to 2.4 GHz band.

Antenna gain is comparable to panel antennas including the Freedom Antenna Set sold in Finland. Comparing is made simple by connecting antennas to same computer with Orinoco WLAN card and indicating results in Link Test of the Client Manager. My antenna has been found about 2 dB better gain than the Freedom antenna, which is specified as 12 dBi antenna. And prices ... Oh, I need not even mention this! In Europe there is a maximum allowable output power of 20 dBm (100 mW) because of the ETSI standard we use. While Orinoco "red" card is transmitting 8 dBm signal and my antenna gain is about 14 dBi there has to be only 2 dB cable and connector loss to keep output level below 20 dBm. The Orinoco Adapter Cable takes about 1 dB and H1000 antenna cable takes 2 dB/10m. So using 5 metres antenna cable there is no risk of exceeding the output power within the ETSI standard. This antenna can also be built without the Ring to decrease antenna gain if needed especially with very short antenna cable. more >>>