How to treat the computer

There are a few tips yeng need to be in connection with the use of computers to be more secure and durable of which are:

1. Provide UPS, power supply voltage is often down-ride or even die suddenly akan less impact both on the PC, especially PC that long, will cause damage to Power Supply, Hardisk damage, even Morherboard.
Especially hardisk, hardisk stable need time to work, when the electricity suddenly dead there were surprises that can cause track tecording then bad sector, bad sectors can only be seen if we check through scandisk. bad sector can not be operational for the content of the file system and store data, so that will reduce the capacity of hard drive itself. Therefore, in order to try to provide the UPS or the external battery when the lights going off the computer still alive for some time, so there is still opportunity to turn off the computer according to the procedure.

2. Stavolt, for which UPS is included stavolt (penstabil ride-down voltage) is not problematic, but that is not included in the stavolt better stavolt is provided as an additional stabilizer, so that despite increased-voltage electricity is down, does not disrupt the security of your own computer.

3. Clean from dust, is usually put on the CPU tower on the side of the table user, in letakan dilantai possible so that the entrance of dust into the CPU huge, Debu as heat, so what if the CPU component, such as the processor, even though hidden dust can also enter, memory / RAM often be in the dust, and so ngadat work computer, or even hang the computer will not start ... beep sound occur. then check and clean it immediately kompenen, the tide and turn on again.

4. Avoid a Water, does not close the possibility of a keyboard tersiram water. Once I get the keyboard events water accidentally, eventually there sort on plate in the keyboard, even if it is cleaned and dried can not be repaired even though, so need to replace the new.

5. Voltage, voltage for use in 220 volt, but for Japanese computer products are still 110 volt, so that if the Japanese make up the computer product, do not forget to provide adapter to reduce voltage from 220 volt ke110. if not ... wow. kebakar sure ...

6. Sengatan lightning, lightning-prone areas to, especially computer network that connects the tower that is not equipped prophylactic thunder, lightning is dangerous when exposed to creep akan overlooks network. therefore provide better prophylactic lightning.

7. Keep out of magnetic field, magnetic field can also interfere with the CPU performance monitor.

8. By the data security and computer system, Pasrikan already have Antivirus and always updated.

9. Make sure that the program also have additional utilities for the rest of the registry and remove the garbage from the internet (cokies)