how to boost gprs signal

How to strengthen the GPRS Signal, Signal 3G GSM, CDMA and Wireless Signal
April 13, 2009 Posted in Internet

Brace Signal Signal GPRS or 3G on the modem or wireless LAN for users who use the internet service Wireless might not have been more foreign. Because of course there are some that are catching the wireless LAN signal or a GSM Modem Signal either GPRS or 3G Signal is less strong. I think catching the signal 1 / 5 s / d 2 / 5 bars on signal strength is less strong because the experience shows that with strength 1 / 5 s / d 2 / 5 bar internet connections are often disjointed.

We can see the indicator icon on the desktop in the lower right corner .... try to see the computer image is a small bar in the near-light meter that sometimes when we are browsing the Internet, download or upload ... .. try to do browsing or downloading, .... observed indicator reaction display and download, ... .. There you will see that the process of browsing, downloading and uploading will be very dependent on the condition indicators, Nah ... to overcome this need to be a wireless signal and amplify the GSM modem good Signal Signal 3G or GPRS.

Usually the signal to arrest only 1 / 5 bars or 2 / 5 bar akan indicators often result in death, .. and at the time the process of browsing and downloading will be stopped, ... At the time that happens is the modem / wireless tracking back to IP .... because it is less strong signal from the BTS or catch Hotspot, .... Nah, .. for the following safety tips to strengthen the signal that both GSM Modem GPRS Signal, Signal 3G or Wireless LAN Signal

There are 3 ways to strengthen the Signal GSM Modem and Wireless LAN are:

1. Using External antenna, by using the induction system where the cable from the antenna to the Device (Modem / Wireless-LAN) is not connected directly with the Device, but on the other end of the cable is installed such induction coil / coil wire berdiameter 1mm diameter with spindle kira2 5cm (usually made of wire berisolasi). Next Device is inserted into the shuttle before. Thus the expected induction of elektromagnetik signal received from the antenna to the device and vice versa. This is less effective and less safe to strengthen Signal Signal 3G or GPRS or wireless LAN, .... why,. ... because of the induction, the energy signals from the modem or the cable from the antenna-to-modem alias tercover not all that much energy lost / losses. Indeed, this can increase the signal to 2 bars. I never tried to be increased from 2 bar to 4 bar even kadang2 full bar, .. But when that is done browsing the Internet, download and upload data signals often do not connect, and often drop even faster modem internet become hot .... What is it ..? it caused a lot of modem signal energy lost in the coil / menginduksi only a few, ... more than that due to rapid heat Devices occur in a high VSWR due to the modem of the metal / coil cover over the internal antenna device is .... if this is left berlama-old, ... Device can be damaged in the RF Power is ....
2. Using External antenna connector to connect with the internet modem / wireless. In this way as we install the TV where the antenna connector of the cable must be connected to the TV. This is safe and can strengthen the Signal Signal 3G or GPRS with very significant, but with conditions; first antenna should work in accordance with the frequency and Device Impedance Device. Because if there is no signal then fitness bisa2 and even drop occurred in the high VSWR in the Device, .... device quickly and can result in heat damage, ...; second, the device must have a connector for external antenna, not the problem ... all have a modem internet facilities especially USB Wireless LAN Internet ..; third, the price of a good external antenna which is expensive, ... ... may be even more expensive from the Internet Modem / Wireless LANnya ... ..
3. Using Extender USB or extension cable, this way is the way most secure and cheaper to strengthen the Signal Signal 3G or GPRS even be a little ribet, ... On this Internet Modem / LAN Wereless placed on the free or obstruction as possible between the internet modem with the BTS or if can Hotspot or toll / obstruction means that the modem and the BTS have eyes, so ... can see each other, of course ... this Device must be placed in the altitude, .. ya right, we can ... Create a USB Extender with UTP cable used for Internet network in place and figuring modem / wireless us above our house, ... ... ...

In addition to strengthen the Signal GPRS, 3G Signal Signal and Wireless LAN, how can also be used to strengthen the CDMA Signal ...