WEP encryption key (wired equivalent privacy)

Security weaknesses in the WEP encryption key (wired equivalent privacy) the use of various tools that are very popular to penetrate the wireless security system that many scattered on the internet you can find different kinds of forums abroad. to successfully penetrate the system and 64bit encryption 128bit system that only takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Tools pengungkap weakness of WEP encryption running on most Linux operating systems and tools-tols already exists that can run on top of windows, but some tools with the first mengcompilenya that can run on windows.Tools others involved in the network to reveal the weaknesses of which the software is capable of analyze and monitor the wireless network without first logging in to the network. Software-this software usually only support a certain number of cards with a certain type of chipset.

Tools are Airopeek, Airmagnet, Linkferret, CommView for Wifi.Dengan tools featurenya is able to monitor wireless network without the need to connect a client or official of Access Point, also feature tools are able to analyze or monitor the network although the network has implemented a wireless network system menitoring although the wireless network is already equipped with security WEP / Wpa / TKIP, and even more mad that some tools are more able to make attack as Daniel of Service, Man and the midle attack, ARP spoofing Attack, Attack Deauthentication, EAPOL Logoff attack, Deauthentication Flood Attack . Tools-tools like the two blade means depending on the intention of using it, whether used to reveal weaknesses or network security would be a hacker to break?