how to change mac address

Change the physical address of a computer because this happens a few things also, among others:

1. Hide the physical address of the user (hostname), this is usually done so that the activities conducted by the user when the track will make the search, this has been done to make the sniffing activity (see also what the sniffing).
2. To be able to access internet services without repeatedly logging in, the menghandalkan physical address, such as hotspot service using the trial (experiment) for internet access services that are only mengautentikasi physical address only.

How the actions we do when this happens?

In fact sometimes these things happen because we ketidaktauan regulations about what the ITE (Information and Electronic Transaction) of the legal, technology, or use, it later if we do harm other people do not.

From the user this allows many of the factors that deliberately or accidentally, this is because a lot of data that can be used as materials for making such activities (scanning, sniffing, enumerating and Gaining, etc) that should not be done (especially dikampus ) but if the materials for learning or just find out if a network or system that is both in terms of security.

From the Admin can clear this interrupt, if it occurs without the user's rights dapan entrance to the network and this can meyebabkan things like data theft, internet pengkasesan excessive, traffik internet terganggangu etc..

Prefentif action undertaken by the Administration generally,

1. Created with authentication systems (Registration) on every computer that will make access to the network system.
2. Limiting access to both time and bandwidth to specific computers.
3. Make enskripsi authentication with the good.
4. Provides a firewall to protect the system from the network activity that is not fun.
5. Awareness of user activities in the initialization internet.

So how are we to know who can do fun activities that can not be ready for people?