Wireless IP

The Internet Protocol (IP) has become the networking protocol of choice for modern communication systems. Internetbased protocols are now beginning to be used to support not only data but also voice, video, and multimedia. Voice over IP is quickly emerging as a formidable competitor to traditional circuit-switched voice and appears likely to displace it over time. Video over IP and IPTV are also emerging as potential rivals to traditional cable TV. Because more and more applications will migrate to IP, IP based protocols and architecture must be considered for broadband wireless systems.

A number of arguments favor the use of IP based protocols and architecture for broadband wireless. First, IP based systems tend to be cheaper because of the economies of scale they enjoy from widespread adoption in wired communication systems. Adopting an IP architecture can make it easier to develop new services and applications rapidly. The large IP application development community can be leveraged. An IP based architecture for broadband wireless will
enable easier support for such applications as IP multicast and anycast. An IP based architecture makes it easy to integrate broadband wireless systems with other access technologies and thereby enable converged services.