Antenna Control Applications with Callan Technology Motors

Antenna Control Applications with Callan Technology Motors
One typical application of Callan Technology DC Servomotors is Antennae control for satellite tracking and radio telescopes. The main characteristics for this type of application are:

  • Drive at high speed between positions (i.e. when changing target)
  • Position at low or zero speed against a force (example wind or gravity)
  • At various speeds.

Utilising high-energy rare earth magnets, Callan Technology DC Servomotor Tachogenerators units provide precise motion control. The construction allows these motors to be operated in harsh environmental conditions. Modifications can be catered for to allow fitting to any machine.

Because of the field-proven history of Callan Technology motors many of the world leaders in Antenna Control use Callan Motors:

  • Orbit Technologies
  • Thales
  • Elta Electronics
  • Marconni

Callan Technology Motors are used on the azimuth and elevation drive axis in antenna control applications. These motors can move large inertia loads to less than 1 r.p.m.