New WiMAX Specifications

New WiMAX Specifications Arrive on Time

Changes within the new specification for mobile WiMAX, or 802.16m, will first start to appear in WiMAX gear in enhanced 802.16e, allowing many of the perceived shortcomings mobile wireless carriers had about mobile WiMAX to be corrected. These new features, improvements on N=1 capabilities, better controlled self-interference, a superior uplink budget and stability in the soft handoff mode, all speak to the future market of mobile WiMAX.

Depending on whose view one takes, these specifications are either a result of the WiMAX community realizing these upgrades must be made to find acceptance in the mobile wireless market or a planned step in the evolution of the fixed/portable WiMAX market to a larger-than-today mobile WiMAX market.

While LTE has been chosen and announced as the 4G choice of many leading mobile wireless carriers throughout the world, many other mobile carriers, especially those considered second-or third-tier carriers, do not plan to move to LTE due to budget restraints set forth by the mobile carrier's ARPU and the anticipated low use of data applications for their subscriber audience.

802.16m could be a tool that these carrier use, though it is more likely to be employed by holders of 3.5GHz spectrum to further enhance their profitability and capabilities of their fixed/portable networks, blurring the line in some cases between portability and mobility.