Roland E80 Review

Through the years, I have had several bits of gear from those nice people at Roland. Technically
their equipment has always been excellent. Somehow though I’ve never quite been inspired enough to keep it that long. I know there are those that would disagree and perhaps it was the influence of the Technics KN keyboard range, but I’m afraid I didn’t find Roland instruments very user friendly. That said, the G800 module was my first Roland conquest of which I have seriously fond memories.
Even though it was complicated to use on the fly, it did produce a great overall sound. Since then Roland seem to have developed a slight change in their outlook. The G series was followed by the VA range which then led to the G70. This was a vast improvement and much more logical in layout than their prior instruments. The E-80 which is the subject of this review seems to be pretty much a home version of the G70.

So I think I’ll put off doing the tax accounts just a little longer as I’d much rather write this article. I’m going to gloss over much of the technical specifications as by the time this
issue gets to press, it will be available in many places and I’m sure will already have been looked at by many of our readers. My desire is to try to get more into the heart of the instrument, so for
what it’s worth here’s my opinion.