Modifying Conifer Antennas for Wireless Networking

Modifying Conifer Antennas for Wireless Networking
This page details a method for constructing a new dipole for a Conifer dish, resulting in improved performance over the more common dipole modification.
The antennas we're using are made by Conifer (now known by the name of their parent company, Andrew Corporation), and were used in Australia by a pay-tv
company called Galaxy.
Galaxy went out of business several years ago, so there are a lot of un-used Conifer antennas on people's roofs in Australia.
The most common Conifer antenna used by Galaxy is the 18dBi grid, while the 24dBi grid is a little less common. Note that both the 18dBi and 24dBi grids use an identical feedhorn, so this page is applicable for both. 18dBi and 24dBi ex-Galaxy antennas made by Conifer, with a 30cm ruler (bottom right) for scale However, the Conifer antennas used by Galaxy were designed to operate at a different frequency than wireless networking, and have a down-convertor integrated in the feedhorn.