Spoonfed Hacking ( spoofing )

This guide, written by me, glj12, is a fairly comprehensive tutorial that covers various methods that involve hacking particular types of “victims.” I do not take any responsibility whatsoever if you choose to follow through the provided methods on non-accepting candidates.

But before we go any further, allow me to quote what a hacker actually is; “Among some computer programmers in good standing with the technical community, the words hacker and hacking are used more often in the admiring or awed sense of a skilled software developer. People favoring this usage typically look with dismay on the usage of the term as a synonym for security cracking.

In the non-technical community, the word hacker most often describes someone who "hacks into" a system by evading or disabling security measures.” I tend to view the word as a person who is capable of cleverly resolving any given problem, aka, the ultimate critical thinker. Please ignore all statements made by the media that claim a 'hacker' to be that 'bad man' behind his computer. The following methods display acts of security cracking. Enjoy, and please remember the prior agreement in terms of usage of the provided knowledge below.

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