Control a robot using the wireless

These along with the progress and development of technology. Many electronic devices of the security detectors have been made. Wrong only using the technology of robots that can replace the task as a human security guard.

On this occasion, the device that will be created is a robot which is in wireless. This robot can plug in a variety of sensors desired results and displays the sensor readings on the LCD. Deep planning to use this robot akan DS1821 temperature sensor as an example application. To support the device, a robot is also equipped with a camera that can send pictures on the condition of the desired area.

From the results of the test in mind that the robot can be controlled (with RF) distance of 15 meters. And the robot can send information in temperature (which read from the DS1821 sensor) to control unit. With camera in wireless CCD on the robot, the controllers can see the position of (environmental) robot through the television.