Wireless networking Acronyms

AP -Access Point
BER -Bit Error Rate
BSS – Basic Service Set
CCK -Complementary Code
DSSS -Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
ESS – Extended Service Set
FCC -Federal Communications Commission
FHSS -Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
IBSS –Independent Basic Service Set
IEEE -Institute of Electrical &Electronic Engineers
ISM -Industrial,Scientific,Medical
IT -Information technology
MAC -Media Access Control
MAN -Metropolitan Area Network
Mbps -Megabits per second
MBps -Megabytes per second
OFDM -Orthogonal Frequency Division
OSI -Open System Interconnection
PAN -Personal Area Network
PBCC -Packet Binary Convolution
PCMCIA -Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PHY -Physical (Layer)
PN -Pseudo-random Noise
QoS -Quality of Service
RF -Radio Frequency
S/N ratio -Signal-to-Noise Ratio
SNR -Signal-to-Noise Ratio
STA -Station
TG -Task Group
U-NII -Unlicensed National Information
USB – Universal Serial Bus
WECA – Wireless Ethernet Compatibility
WG -Working Group
WLAN -Wireless LAN
XOR -exclusive OR (a mathematical logic operation)