Unlock Your LG Mobile Phone

Unlock Your LG Mobile Phone at Home What you need:
- Stable internet connection (128k min upload en download recommended)
- A Windows computer (Win 98, Win ME, Win XP, Win 2000)
- KG800 or KG90 FTDI usb cable or a serial cable compatible with KG800 or KG90
- Our client software
- A valid login with minium 3 credits for the unlock client. How to get the needed items:
Internet and a computer you probably already have, else you wouldn’t be reading this tutorial. 1. Download our client software if you already haven’t done so
2. Unpack the software (don’t run it from within the zip file, unpack it first!)
3. Install the drivers from your usb cable (if you are using serial cable skip this step)
4. Connect cable to your computer and your gsm (LG gsm must be OFF!)
5. Start our LG client software
6. Fill out your personal login which you ordered on our website at ‘A’
7. Press the ‘connect’ button at ‘B’
8. The client connects to our server, you will see result in the log screen at ‘G’
9. Now select the model you want to unlock at ‘
10. The picture of the LG model you selected will show up at ‘C’, so you can check if you selected
the correct model.
11. Now select the comport number (‘E’) which your phone is connected too. If you don’t, know
pick a high number. If you haven’t got it right the first time you can try all others it won’t
harm anything
12. After selecting the comport press the ‘unlock Phone’ (‘F’) button. In the log screen at ‘G’ you
will read ‘Please press and hold power button on phone….’. Do this for 3 – 5 seconds until it
‘- Sending First loader.’
‘- Loader OK.’
Then you can let go of the power button. Now the unlock process will begin and within +/- 1
minute your phone will be unlocked.

Download PDF Manual Unlock Your LG Mobile Phone at Home