homemade Cookie Cantenna with Funnel for wireless 2.4ghz

This article will describe how to make a cheap, portable, high performance (15-18 db) directional antenna out of commonly available parts that can be purchased in most grocery and hardware stores. ( http://www.seattlewireless.net )

Until recently I , people seeking high performance antennas have either had to put up serious money for commercial antennas or attempt to create their own out of scavenged parts. This has lead to a whole slew of novel designs ranging from the PringlesCantenna to the MicroTVAerial. Most homebrew designs are compromises of one sort or another. With the PringlesCantenna, you sacrifice performance and weather resistance to be able to occasionally see a friend gape "you made that antenna out of WHAT?" With the MicroTVAerial and other more engineering intensive designs you get good performance at the cost of difficult assembly, often requiring specialized tools. Some antennas, like the SlottedWaveguide almost necessitate the use of milling or laser cutting machines. Unlike these other designs, the CookieCantenna aims to let you have your cookies and eat them too!

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