Home Made Laser Projector

I think everybody saw Laser Effects that shows up stages, discos or festivals. There are two categories on the laser effect. One is Beam Effect, it shows the laser beams that flying in the air to the audience. The other is Screen Effect, it shows the laser graphics that drawn on the screen by a moving laser spot. The first one is preferred better than second. The beam effect is very exciting, so that many Laser Light Shows are also being given. The laser equipments working in the laser light show are called Laser Projector.

This is a challenging project to build the laser projector with professional grade. The most important component used for laser projectors is the laser unit. He-Ne laser had been used in early days, multi-colored mixed gas laser is currently used for high end laser projector and solid state laser is one of the brand-new laser device that has been recently used. However the laser unit was very expensive and junk He-Ne gas laser cannot be modulated directly, so that I could not resolve to purchase the laser unit and modulator. At the first quarter of 2004, a reasonable solid state laser module was sold from Kyoritsu Denshi, and I determined to start this project that thinking for a long time.