how to increase blog revenue

of course we have put ads on the blog, but our income is very low, and you get bored waiting for the salary of your first ads, you want to know how to resolve the issue? well I will try to explain some causes of the problem. there are a few tips that may be useful for you:

  • Pagerank : in measuring the number of visitors to your blog per day, more and more visitors to your blog easier to get dollars from your blog.
  • Unique content : unique content that will attract and increase the number of visitors from your blog, and the ads that appear suitable.
  • Template : use clean template will make the visitor comfortable to read the content of your blog, it will make the visitor does not bored to open the blog in the future.
  • Ads placement : place the ads near the content of your blog, it will make visitors easy to see your ads, and may make visitors click on ads, a color according to the color of the ad s blog.
That is the tips for this time, tomorrow I will try to write the other tips, I hope a lot of help you