Homemade wireless antenna 2.4 ghz

This is a wireless antenna that you can make at home with simple equipment, the antenna is work on freq 2.4 GHz and most popular in the world. not need special expertise to design this antenna, very easy and cheap :

1. Antenna Helical 2,4 Ghz.

here is you can download manual ebook how to build this antenna :
>>> Download Design antenna helical.pdf
>>> Download Design antenna helical 2,4Ghz.pdf

2. Antenna Biquad 2,4 Ghz

Download files here :
->> Download biquad.pdf
->> Download biquad 2,4 ghz. pdf

3. Corner reflector antena 2,4 Ghz

Try build this antenna, it's easy and cheap :

>>> Download korner antenna.zip